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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 11, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EST

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another marine who didn't survive when his helicopter went down. >> please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, sergeant kirstie ennis. >> reporter: tonight at the stand-up for her res event in new york, kirstie is recognized for her bravery and sharing her message of hope and strength this veterans day. >> like everyone else in the front rows tonight i do not want anyone's pity. we want people to push and challenge us in order to grasp a new sense of purr and direction. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm boot woodruff in new york. >> our thanks to my friend bob woodruff woodruff. we should say the woodruff foundation does great work. thank you for tuning in to abc news tonight. tune in to gma first thing in the morning. and as always, we're on 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page
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good night. music: "another sunny day" by belle and sebastian such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price,
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didn't believe it, that a car would just go so fast. >> surveillance video captures a speeding car more than a day later, that car found underwater with a body inside. good evening at 11:00.
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i'm shirleen allicot in for sade. >> i'm bill ritter. a real mystery tonight in brooklyn. dramatic surveillance footage raising all sort of questions. was there something wrong with the driver? was it an accident? was it intentional? >> josh einiger is in gerritsen beach with the details. >> we have brand new information. police now actually have eyewitnesss who reported seeing this car flying down gerritsen avenue this way before it reached the end, making no attempt to stop. at the end of gerritsen avenue is a metal barricade. police believe he careened in to the water and no one came to look for him for more than a day. >> reporter: tonight a wrecking crew scooped up the watery remains of the sedan. long before nypd divers found the driver's body, more than a day before anyone called 911.
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>> they noticed the fence was damaged. >> reporter: homeowner chris gardner noticed something was wrong, a break in temporary fencing blocking a pier still damaged from hurricane. >> the plywood was damaged but i didn't know why. i thought maybe something had hit it but i didn't really think too much of it. >> reporter: he even looked in to the water but saw nothing and moved on. this afternoon a neighbor played back this surveillance video from 4:50 a.m. monday which captured the car flying down gerritsen avenue before crashing in to that creek. >> it was unbelievable. >> reporter: by the time police responded it was way too late. they spent most of the night recovering the car and the body inside. police say there have been drag racing cases here in the past but not recently and with the video showing only one car, cops say there are no obvious signs of criminality and a part of the city so remote, no one even noticed for more than a day. >> a helicopter lands on the beach at the end of gerritsen avenue. that's a first. never saw that
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strange. pretty quiet down here usually. >> and just in the last half hour, police identified the driver as 31-year-old james mero. still not clear what happened to cause this crash. the investigation continues tonight. we're live in the gerritsen beach section of brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. not exactly a meteorological term, but yucky fits the weather conditions. rain for some of us not ending till tomorrow. how much rain? how much yuck ? meanwhile, lee goldberg at the weather wall with what we can expect. >> still another eight or nine hours of rainfall. now the rain is picking up again so that guarantees a wet commute especially from the city north and east. we're 51, temperatures haven't been much of the problem. northeast wind at 9 gusting to 20 and the winds will still be busy out of the north tomorrow morning. a lot of the area, quarter inch to half inch. look at the jersey shore. 2 inches in parts of
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toms river. as we go through the overnight the rain starting to fill in again over radar. heavy rain over the east end. you saw pictures from brooklyn. we're seeing heavier rain near long beach and bay ridge. now all this rain is curling in and seems to be filling in on radar here. i think we can pick up another quarter inch, half inch in spots. futurecast will be pivoting through over the next several hours. from 7 a.m., new york city north and east that we have the steadier rainfall and quickly improving through the late morning. here's what you need to know. one more round of rain overnight. a quarter inch for most. maybe to the north and west, up to a half inch. still rain for the morning commute north and east of new york city. wet levers will make for slick roads and sidewalks. extra slow tomorrow morning. should dry out by the veterans day parade. big winds to talk about later on in the 7-day accuweather forecast and that's a few minutes away. firefighters watching for
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after a seven-alarm fire gutted an armory building in new jersey. it broke out in the basement of the abandoned building in paterson. residents in the area were warned to keep their windows shut to protect them from possibly toxic asbestos fumes. nearby schools were closed as a precaution. criminal charges against the driver of an suv that flipped over in brooklyn and killed a pedestrian. charles was walking on the sidewalk. talking on his cell phone yesterday in flatbush. the driver, paul omoregie dazed after the crash, charged with being unlicensed and driving without a license. a murder mystery in new jersey tonight in a gruesome end in the search for 50-year-old pamela davis missing since last month. her decapitated body discovered in the garage in newark. who killed her and why? eyewitness news report er at the scene with new information. >> neighbors tell me pamela davis barely knew a stranger in
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this community and in fact she was a familiar face to many on this block. her sudden disappearance followed by the gruesome discovery of her body at a home not too far away from her own home, now has family and friends shocked and desperate for answers as authorities continue their investigation. >> saw about 16 cop cars here, all the flashing light. we're like, you know, what is going on? >> a foul smell seeping from this home in the 800 block of south 11th street brought newark and essex county officers here. inside the garage detectives made a grim discovery when they found the bound and headless body of 50-year-old pamela davis covered in a blanket after she went missing from a nearby home 10 days ago. >> i don't know why it happened but she was a good person. >> then we find out and it's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: a mother of four, neighbors say they routinely saw davis riding her bike or seeing her younger son with autism off to school. >> we knew she was missing
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>> everybody would pull over to say hello to her, her family, her son as well. it's sad. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the prosecutor's office confirms the case is now being investigated as a homicide. however, the medical examiner will have to determine the exact cause of death. meanwhile, sources tell us a man who rented the home davis' body was discovered in and who was also a well known mechanic in the neighborhood is now being questioned as a person of interest. >> very surprised because it's just like he was walking back and forth like it was nothing. >> he's a sweet man. just to hear that it could have been and it was found at his house is a little weird. >> this is an active and ongoing investigation and so far no arrests have been made. live tonight in newark, new jersey, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. meanwhile, another murder mystery. this one in westchester county. tonight the search for a killer of the wife of a multimillionaire. her body
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found monday evening. colley's husband, eugene, known for his empire of mcdonald's franchises, is not a suspect. police won't comment on a murder weapon but scoured the woods. immigration and taxes, the two main focal points of the fourth republican presidential debate. eight candidates occasionally mixing it up. overall a more substantive de debate. >> last debate tonight was not about personalities or personal attacks. the moderators upheld their promise to stick to the issues. >> reporter: facing off in milwaukee -- >> i got about 4 minutes last debate. >> reporter: eight republican presidential candidates taking the stage for the fourth gop
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an increase in the minimum wage gathered outside, inside the questions stayed focus primarily on the economy. unlike the last debate, moderators pressed candidates for specifics on their policy plans. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> i hate to say it but we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out. they have to work really hard. >> if i thought that raising the minimum wage was the best way to help people increase their pay, i would be all for it. but it isn't. >> reporter: there were heated mostly over immigration. >> we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. >> you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil. >> false little things, sir. they really don't work when it comes to the truth. >> i don't have to hear from this man, believe me. >> mr. trump -- >> as well as some levity. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. [ laughter ]
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defended the validity of stories he's told about his youth. >> people who know me know that i'm an honest person. >> in this as well as the under card debate earlier, we repeatedly heard hillary clinton's name. in fact there was so much focus on the democratic frontrunner that the wi-fi password here tonight was stophillary. marci gonzalez, channel 7 eyewitness news. roughly 10,000 state workers in new york will soon be getting a pay raise. governor cuomo signed an executive order today raising the minimum wage to $15 for state workers. the signing came on a national day of protest to demand a $15 minimum wage for all workers. tomorrow in honor of veterans day, all active and retired members of the u.s. military get free rides on new jersey transit. vets will be able to use trains, buses, and light rail for free all day after showing a valid military i.d. the agency says it's a privilege to salute those who
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a private charter plane slamming in to an apartment. the fireball then a terrifying scene of carnage. tonight the search for crews and what went wrong. >> a video of a professor confronting a news photographer and it goes viral. >> we go live outside, just a gross night to be out and about. will it get better it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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a horrific crash of a private plane and rescue workers tonight say there are no survivors among the nine people onboard. plane crashing in to an apartment building in ohio. it was coming in for a landing in an airport in akron when it hit power lines and burst in to flames as it crashed in to the building. no one inside the building or on the ground was hurt. new details tonight about a person of interest in the attempted assassination of a judge.
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before judge julie jurassic next month. the judge shot last week as she got out of her car. they're working to confirm that kocurek was targeted because of her work on the bench. melissa click was caught on camera trying to have a member of the media removed for filming a confrontation between a photographer and protesters. tonight click issued an apology saying in part, yesterday was an historic day at mu, full of emotion and confusion. i regret the language and strategies i used and sincerely apologize today the mu campus community and journalists at large for my behavior. strong reaction tonight for the companies ordered to stop taking money from sports fan by the new york attorney general. fantasy football ruled as
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gambling and given a cease and desist order. folks who run the online business insisting this isn't gambling. this is a game of skill. here's jim dolan. >> reporter: the mercury lounge was packed with sports fans on a tuesday night but chris was the only one there who admit he played fantasy sports. most people do. that's part of the reason new york state attorney general eric snyderman issued a cease and desist order. >> this is just a new version of online gambling. >> reporter: the websites draftkings and fanduel are part of the fantasy sports boom in america. fans pick a team of players from across their favorite sport and based on the performance of those players and other factors, win or lose money. >> you can just do it on your phone. you can place bets sometimes more than you really should bet, more than you can afford, drunk or sober, any hour of the day or night and that makes it a much more dangerous form of gambling. >> reporter: a spokesman said fantasy sports is a game of
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skill and legal under new york state law. after the attorney general realized he could now get himself some press coverage, the statement says, he decided a game that has been around a not legal. you need to essentially be the general manager and you get engaged with family or friends or in a larger game and you get team. >> there's actually a lot of money. >> if you pick a poor lineup then you're not going to win so you have to know something about the football player, the match-ups. >> reporter: it's hardly the end for the two websites in new york. the attorney general just issued a cease and desist order. they have the option of ignoring it. then the attorney general will take them to court and the courts will have the final say. in hell's kitchen, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. an important event tonight in manhattan raising awareness for cancers linked to the
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bracket gene. tonight $8 million was raised for the cause. our own stacey sager, breast and ovarian cancer survivor, helped plan the event. along with speakers fellow survivor songwriter cara diagardi who said her story inspired her to get tested in turn saved her life. they in turn became very good friends. >> stacy interviewed her and they got together and became very good friends. how long is the yuck going to be out there? >> it's been yucking for the better part of 16 hours now. so it's got to end at some point. it will as we go through the early morning hours tomorrow. the last raindrops will take maybe until 7:00 or or 8:00 in the morning. this is our camera that's been shaking all evening. the wind will still be a factor tomorrow morning. still a little nasty tomorrow.
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the high today, 57. we'll get to that maybe a little bit above during the day tomorrow. for all those hours of rainfall, not a lot of rain to speak of at least in new york city. quarter of an inch. a lot more in the jersey shore. unfortunately i don't see a lot of sunshine. maybe a couple peeks in the afternoon. 48 in monticello. rather raw in the hudson valley. it's a little milder on the island down the shore in the middle 50s right now. still a gusty wind out of the north, 10 to 20. light rain from the city north and east at it should few bright spots during the afternoon. off. definitely more pleasant during the afternoon and toward the evening commute. a little downpour near hempstead, moving through parts of nassau county. we've got a couple showers near elmhurst. long island city and jersey city through parts of brooklyn and bay ridge we still have showers getting a little steadier here. this is all filling in here but i think it's
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west of new york city and the other place is going to be eastern long island that gets some of the rainfall. you can see this rain offshore and then the system in the upper atmosphere that has to swing through and give us more rain overnight. last minute connection with some of the moisture in tropical storm kate. i think that's enhancing some of the rainfall over eastern long island. saw lightning there as well. kate is screaming offshore at 35 miles per hour and is of course no threat anymore. it will be out to sea. adding a little moisture at the last second. 7 a.m., 8 a.m., north and east of new york city at that point raining steadiest on the island, connecticut, hudson valley, then leaving scene. sun breaks in the afternoon hours. and it should be better by afternoon. breezy and damp. rain and drizzle north and east at 7:00 in the morning. your umbrella, your rain coat, allow for extra time for slow travel. by air as well because of a low ceiling could be delays. brightening, not total clearing. better chance south and west of seeing sun. 59. 51, partly to mostly cloudy
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because the clouds are coming back. we have more showers on thursday especially from late morning in to early evening. after that friday the sun is coming back but winds could gust past 30 miles per hour. worst case, a stray shower north and west. those blustery conditions last on saturday. had to take numbers down a little bit on saturday. 52 feels 45 with the wind. sunday is the better half of the weekend. bill evans will finish up this storm in the morning. coming up next, new health research. why doctors are telling some people to stay off the scale.
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police officer helps in tonight's health alert, when monitoring your weight becomes a problem. researchers say stepping on a scale several times each day to check your weight could lead to depression,
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fluctuates throughout the day depending on eating and bathroom frequency. experts say there's no proof that monitoring weight every day actually leads to losing pounds. an inspiring story exploding on social media. a police officer helping an injured runner reach the finish line. robert mccoy had less than half a mile to go in a marathon in savannah, georgia when he suddenly collapsed. determined to finish, his bloody knees be damned. the officer came to the rescue, running the rest of the way with him. the two crossing the finish line together. that's just awesome. and part of seattle's history now coming down, or rather melting down. the famous gum wall at the pike place market being cleaned up after 20 years. the gooey globs being melted off with steam cleaners. it's going to take we're told about three days to get it all off. >> gum wall. >> thought we'd give rob a pleasant story. >> very sticky.
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first home game over the weekend. tonight the knicks take that winning act on the road. straight ahead, they head to toronto. this one goes right to the wire and every shot, count it. plus jets, bills strap it it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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get out of the past. get fios. break up the knicks all of the sudden, huh? >> we said this last week. they are a fun team to watch. fun again tonight . last year through 82 games, seven road wins. this year through seven games, three road wins already for the knicks. nobody is getting fitted for rinshz here yet but it's -- for rings here yet. but it's a step forward. it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. raptors make it tough on the knicks. porzingis did that again. got the knicks moving. carmelo anthony, 25 points. knicks up 8 at the half. they hit 11 3-pointers in this game. cleanthony early at the buzzer. in the 4th quarter, lance thomas up and under, big bucket. now to the other end. derozan, five seconds to go for the lead. no go.
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ball, hold on to the lead. 111-109 the knicks win. that's four road wins already this year. jets, bills thursday. ready for just about anything. rex ryan is . he showed up to today's news conference with a clemson helmet on. says this game is no more important to him just because it's against his old team. >> we want to win this game to better our chances of making the plaufs. that's all we want. >> mean while the work continues for the jets. mangold did work today. cromartie, probably not. >> next guy up. we want him to be healthy but nobody is going to say sorry. no excuses. on
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against the hurricanes which usually means a ranger win. won 16 of their last 17 meetings overall. he scores here, 1st period, rangers up 2-0. never look back. lundquist, 33 saves. wow. 56 th career shutout. first of the year. 11 wins, 15 wins. ties the best start in team history. devils against the blues trying for a fourth straight win at home. st. louis scored twice on schneider. devils lose it 2-0. jake allen pitched a shutout. isles lead san jose 2-0 in the 2nd. local shutout in baseball's gold glove voting. yoenis cespedes wins one for his work in detroit. terry collins named finalist for national league manager of the year honors. collins led the mets to 90 wins then the world series. find out if he wins on tuesday. at yankee stadium on this 240th birthday of the u.s. marine corps saying thanks to
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